HR Bogged Down?

By - Garrett
14.04.21 02:37 PM

Try our new Human Resource Management System (HRIS)!

Running a successful business can be very frustrating!

Regulators keep moving the goal post as if they have nothing better to do.

Onboarding new employees, filling out endless forms, legal issues, management changes, leadership development, workforce training, adapting to innovation, compensation, retaining talented employees, the list goes on.

It’s almost lunch, and John, your employee, calls, “I’m at the Dentist’s office with my daughter, and they tell me she’s not on my plan. I’m sure I put her down, and they won’t treat her without insurance. What do you want me to do?

An agent going over the increased cost at renewal hands out the wrong paperwork for a different company and prices are less but tells the employees to please disregard.

Sound familiar? I’m sure you have a few of your own, but most of this can be avoided using a Human Resource Management System (HRIS).

If you are looking for a better solution or just getting started, we would like you to consider Employee Navigator. It’s one of the top 3 installed HRIS systems. Integrates with just about anybody and has a robust import-export function for those problematic vendors. 

 Best of all, we give the software to our clients free of charge!

Will load the software, train your personnel and provide a host of resources like PassionHR, who can laser in on specific issues for you. From benefits to executive compensation plans will share some of the exciting things other businesses are doing to be competitive. Our discount network volume pricing has helped 1000 of business already.

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